Blindfold 3 - Framed Print

Blindfold 3 - Framed Print


Designed by Young & Battaglia - they have brought together two distinctive ages of art combining masterpieces of the renaissance period and trending delights of imagination to create this collection of wall art “Blindfold.”

Blindfold is a concept which developed in the 1800s in England where a person’s eyes are covered with a scarf so that he cannot see and asked to perform tasks. It creates a feeling of magic, studies have shown that an individual can move into a magical world where emotions and pictures of the inner mind become active creating visions (hallucinations) which could be quite exciting and moving.

The “Blindfold” wall art collection comprises of 5 designs, Blindfold 1,2,3, 5 & 7.

Dimensions:​ 66cmx W 81.3cmH (1.9mm black box frame)

Lead Time: 1-5 days

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