Shape & Colour - Angel

Shape & Colour - Angel


This 6 part series of new wall art pieces is created by the combined efforts of Young & Battaglia Studio with guest digital artist Kirin Young. The first look at the painting shows us a fusion of colours; a beautiful combination of matching shades, which vary from cool to warm and are set in various rounded shapes and sizes. The shapes discreetly depict a classical image, given a new perspective that awakens your curiosity and entices you to study the portrait more deeply.

These designer art and digitally printed portraits are set in black real wood box frames of the size limited print of 66cm x 81.3cm with the names; Shape and Colour Lady 2, Shape and colour Couple, Shape and Colour Lady 3, Shape and colour Blue, Shape and colour Yellow.

Dimensions:​ 66cmx 81.3cm ( black box frame)

Lead Time: 1-5 days

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