Panda Made Maps - Gold

Panda Made Maps - Gold

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Panda Made (Paul&Amanda) are a local husband and wife team specialising in unique personalised products. 

Paul has over 20 years in the creative industries of television, theatre, specialFX, automotive & design and when not working on Panda Made's next design he is working as an Art & Design coordinator at a local college.

Amanda has over 13 years of experience in the education sector and brings a much needed organised and logical mind to the team. Amanda handles the majority of the communications and social media @pandamadegifts 

Panda Made has taken a contemporary approach to the humble map using modern satellite and digital mapping tools, combined with laser cutting technology to create some stunning minimalist decor. 

City maps available, London, Paris, New York & Liverpool. Please contact with your requirements.

City map sizes available and pricing:

700x500mm £180

500x400mm £115

Local area maps available ie. SS9, SS1

Local area sizes available and pricing:

400x300mm £75

300x210mm £50

We will happily take custom orders for both cities and local areas, please contact

Area and size:
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