Dezzy White Chandelier

Dezzy White Chandelier


DEZZY white. A springy, light touch to this one. The goose feathers give a flared structure whilst the smooth, uncut crystals and single layer brass chain detail create a fresh simplicity.  Perfect for a boudoir bedroom.

Frame diameter: 43cm

Drop from bulb: 25cm 

Weight: 600g - It can hang from a standard domestic ceiling fitting.

Perfect for wedding décor or an opulent boudoir.

Weight: 1kg It can hang from a standard domestic ceiling fitting

Note:  Slight feather variations may occur due to different batches of goose feathers.  Also possible trim variations depending on availability.

NOTE: Delivery October.   Made by Coldharbour Lights

The feathers are a by-product of poultry farming so the birds are not killed for their feathers.

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